Domains, Hosting and Scalable Solutions

We care about the technology behind your website

We offer web hosting solutions tailored to your needs and consider the possibility that you are bigger, faster and better in the future. Even then, we will keep up with our scalable offers for you and avoid expensive relocation costs to other hosting providers.

We understand that you get along at the beginning with little memory, low data transfer and low volume of e-mail and other services of the server – so we offer you in the beginning not a fully configurable root server, but an individually tailored package. Your website is popular and requires more memory, more transfer and more processing power? And we have already adjusted your hosting plan. This is faster than you think.

We Are Everywhere

We know your business partners need super fast access to your website, from any location in the world. Over coffee in Vienna, a tea in Beijing, Steaks in New York, Curry in Bangkok or cocktails in Fiji. We have the experience and the know-how to make the loading time of your website all over the world approximately equal.

Most of our clients serve their customers worldwide. The speed factor is crucial to a website, so we build our hosting services on global server networks whose computers are located in almost every country in the world. So your website is only as far away as the next major data center. And there are quite a few in the world.

We want You

What we offer sounds expensive. But it is not. From the smallest, low-cost hosting solution for blogs up to balanced utilization ranging, global network server farms with accumulated computing power – with us you always get customized offers.

Due to our work on film, in which files in the range of several gigabytes are delivered, we deal with service providers and transfer systems, which can deliver this data sets easy, safe and with no loss. You will benefit from this knowledge, when it comes to a rapid availability of data at any point in the world also with you.