We’re finalizing your movie no matter whether we acquired the footage by ourselves or you provide us with master material. But not always it’s all about creating an entirely new cinematic work. Maybe it’s also about a film that needs to be changed or revised.

This is where we can help you in postproduction. Your film gets the final touch, a new graphical appearance according to the requirements of your corporate identity, visible products in the film will be exchanged or removed, and voiceover and music can be newly recorded and mixed. Or your film gets new possibilities in usage by editing modified versions…

Postproduction services:
– editing
– adaptations
– matte painting
– rotoscoping
– retouching
– product exchange
– 2D / 3D animation
– compositing


During editing a rough diamond transforms into fine polished specimen. The story – your story – becomes structured properly through the editing of the individual shots, receives the required timing and also the soundtrack of the film, consisting of voiceover, original sound and music, gets the final mix.


In compositing footage, graphics, animations and VFX are combined. Here the graphical packaging of the film is created, but also necessary animations and retouches are integrated into the footage. Product packs can be exchanged, backgrounds replaced and also the final color grade, which influences the emotional impact of the film crucially, is created in compositing stage.

Animation & VFX

Animations and VFX support your film. The possibilities are very extensive and varied. We distinguish between 2D and 3D animation. Motion Graphics give your movie a contemporary and elegant appearance, support the embedding of your corporate identity and illustrate important aspects of the information which has to be communicated.

But it can be also more complex! Product demos, pack exchanges and other photorealistic animations and visual effects are designed and created in 3D and seamlessly integrated into the film in compositing.

A movie can get along, of course, without animation anfd visual effects. If it is used, then we will ensure that the visual effects support the story of the film and do not attract the attention on themselves.