Analysis, design and consulting

We analyze your website

We do not rely on our feelings, but on your numbers. On the basis of statistics and usability testing, we make a diagnosis of your possibly already existing websites and show their advantages and disadvantages.

You will receive a report on this analysis, on request with specific instructions for your Web Department. Yes, you read correctly. We offer the analysis also separately on our other services. This gives you numbers, data and facts in your hands, due to which you can make decisions and give instructions.

Usability testing

We analyze your website and generate a report for you. Additionally, we invite people from your current and potential new target group and document their behavior on your site. Thus, we can supply even more precise facts and figures in which areas of your website customers have problems and which work well.

Your online marketing, our concept

We will help and advise you on the basis of your online marketing. You tell us what you want and we’ll show you how you can do that.