At pbo realtime productions, we offer production services to local as well as international producers and production companies who wish to shoot in Austria, Bulgaria or many other countries worldwide.

We provide a comprehensive support during production and at location. We offer complete assistance during preparation and execution of your shoot.
We find the best solutions regardless of the budget and are highly adaptable to meet the needs and preferences of our clients’. Depending on your project, we will also provide you with the right choice of directors and DoPs based locally or internationally, as well as any necessary crew members, equipment, and services.

We take all the organizational aspects of the shoot off of your hands, allowing you to focus solely on creativity.

Overview of our production services:

  • Casting
  • Location scouting
  • Art Department
  • Logistics, transports, catering, accommodation
  • Equipment rental
  • Stunt teams, SFX, VFX
  • DIT

Shooting in Austria

Located at the heart of Europe, Austria is a very attractive destination for film and photo productions. Next to wonderful cities the main attractions of the country are outstanding natural beauties.

Vienna, the capital of the country, provides a unique and energetic atmosphere by combining old historic buildings and streets with a touch of imperialism while remaining modern.

Besides Vienna there are lots of mountain villages, the baroque old town of Salzburg, crystal-clear lakes and rivers, green meadows and woods, snow-capped mountains including spectacular mountain roads and many more. All of these locations are easily accessible and the country has very good infrastructure.
Many of the mountainous locations have snow all year long, so it is also possible to shoot winter scenes in summer.

All of these locations are easily accessible and the country has great infrastructure.

The Austrian authorities are very open to film and photo productions, making it effortless to obtain necessary permissions to shoot at any location. All necessary crews and equipment are available directly in Austria. Many of them have international backgrounds and experience.


  • Breathtaking landscapes
  • Beautiful cities
  • Mountains, many of which have snow all year long
  • Highways, mountain roads, European style streets, and squares
  • Castles and palaces from different centuries
  • Lakes and rivers

Austria definitely is the best choice for locations with amazing natural beauty and classic European architecture.

Shooting in Bulgaria

Bulgaria which not only is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, it is also a perfect location for film production. The combination of beautiful and diverse landscapes and well developed infrastructure makes it an ideal location. Well-equipped production facilities provides for all the needs for different types of projects.

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, offers a variety of different atmospheres. The country offers a wide range of picturesque locations. There are green valleys along the Danube River, high mountains, breathtaking seaside views, mountainous lakes, famous rocks and caves. The seasons range from deep & snowy winter to hot & sunny summer days.

Logistically, Bulgaria has very good connections with international flights to most European countries. The production facilities are well equipped, with experienced crews, and all other necessary equipment for the shoot. Finding good English speaking and European looking cast is not an issue.


  • Breathtaking landscapes
  • Cities: Historical buildings, concrete socialist blocks of flats, modern luxury living and office spaces
  • Mountains
  • Highways, mountain roads
  • Castles and ruins
  • Lakes and rivers
  • Seaside views, natural beaches, sea

Shooting in Bulgaria is very cost efficient with up to 50% more affordable prices when compared to the rest of Europe. pbo realtime productions services in Bulgaria are carried out by a branch office in Sofia which is supported by our headquarter in Austria. This enables us to be cost efficient while utilizing the expertise of our Austrian producers. This process results in very cost efficient estimates for our clients.

We look forward to providing you with an initial cost estimate for your project. Contact us.