We are a team of individual specialists, supported by an extensive and reliable network of filmmakers, concept developers, designers, information architects, photographers, directors, translators, copywriters and web gurus. Since 1997 pbo realtime productions works on various projects, always with the background to bring all forms of media in line and pass them on to our clients‘ customers very well. You will benefit from our more than 30 years of experience in production and post-production, which we brought back from the times of Houdek & Kurek.

Our portfolio is extensive:
Production services at home and abroad, editing, adaptations, packshot shootings (film, photography), tabletop, matte painting, rotoscoping, retouching, product exchange in existing commercials or corporate films, 2D / 3D animation, compositing, SFX, VFX, free design works, cartoon, web services, interactive applications, 3D mapping, …

You have the project, we take care of planning, consulting and organization so that your idea does not become a video advertising, but an emotionally binding film commercial, not a print product placed on the internet, but a full-fledged website with additional value, not a simple picture, but an evocative artwork. Whether studio or external shooting – whether in Austria or abroad – conception or post-production, a business card on the Internet or a workload balancing website – nothing is impossible and many times a lower price question than you think.

We work efficiently and our calculations are fair and transparent.

State-of-the-art and extensive technical equipment and tools in our own premises allows us great flexibility during the entire production workflow. In addition to several compositing and editing facilities also a studio for film and photo shoots is available.

We work in Vienna and avail the location of the town for our customers from East and West with known or less well-known names. But yes, we are also working for the city of Vienna.

We are pbo realtime productions.

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